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Latin video lessons every week

To learn Latin well you have to immerse your­self in the lan­guage and its literature.

But most Latin lit­er­a­ture is too dif­fi­cult for inter­me­di­ate and even advanced students.

Our videos lessons help make fas­ci­nat­ing Latin lit­er­a­ture acces­si­ble in Latin. And with new lessons com­ing your way all the time, you will always have some­thing in Latin to watch.

The plat­form we use for our com­mu­ni­ty with Latin videos is Patreon.com. 


Create a habit

Each video breaks down a text, or Latin expres­sions, and explains them thor­ough­ly all in Latin.

These videos will help you unlock the hid­den gems of Latin lit­er­a­ture and dis­cov­er  new texts, and expres­sions in 10–20 minute videos all in Latin. 


Curious about Latinitium?

Every Fri­day we pub­lish a vlog – a video update with what we’ve been work­ing on, or what has been on our mind the past week. Some­times Daniel sneaks in real­ly good tips for Latin learn­ers, oth­er times he talks about a good book. Some­times there are anec­dotes and some­times he reveals new projects or thoughts that we want to share with you. 

The week­ly update is not only a good way to calm curios­i­ty, it is also all in Latin!

How it works

Different tiers

There are dif­fer­ent tiers, or patron lev­els, grant­i­ng you access to dif­fer­ent things. All you need to do is chose one (and you can always change tier lat­er on). 


Sodales Palliati


- Week­ly vlog in Latin

- Access to Latini­tium’s com­mu­ni­ty and the patron-only-feed.

Practice with videos in Latin

Sodales Loricati


- Ear­ly access to our Easy Latin Sto­ries with Eng­lish trans­la­tions and vocabulary

- Latin Audio Archive


- Week­ly vlog in Latin

- Com­mu­ni­ty and patron-only-feed


Sodales Torquati


- Exclu­sive video lessons in Latin every week or ear­ly access to new YouTube videos.

- Access to the Video les­son archive, includ­ing the ”Loci et Locu­tiones” series archive (expres­sions and texts explained in Latin).


- Easy Latin Stories

- Latin audio Archive

- Week­ly vlog

- Com­mu­ni­ty and patron-only-feed

Sodales Laureati


- Help keep Latini­tium going and devel­op­ing more Latin resources


- Video lessons in Latin

- Video archive

- Easy Latin stories

- Week­ly vlog in Latin

- Com­mu­ni­ty and patron-only-feed

- Latin audio archive.

Sodales divi


This tier is for you who are able and want to sup­port Latinitium.

You will how­ev­er have access to every­thing from the oth­er tiers:

- Video lessons in Latin every week or ear­ly access to new YouTube videos.

- Video archive

- Easy Latin Stories

- Latin audio Archive

- Week­ly vlog

- Com­mu­ni­ty and patron-only-feed

The directory

We have list­ed every­thing we’ve pub­lished for our patrons in a direc­to­ry to make every­thing a lit­tle eas­i­er to find. Take a peak if you’re curi­ous. We update the list every now and then.

The only thing not list­ed is the week­ly vlog, which you can find under the tag “Nun­tius diei Veneris”.

Who teaches?

All lessons are taught by me, Daniel Pet­ters­son. I am a Latin teacher, speak­er, author and am cur­rent­ly research­ing the ped­a­gogy of 16th cen­tu­ry Latin school dialogues.

Your are awesome

What your support means to us

The truth is, we could­n’t keep Latini­tium going with­out the sup­port of our read­ers, patrons and cus­tomers. Our patrons have made sure that we’ve been able to pay for every­thing from serv­er costs to a new micro­phone when the old one decid­ed to start sound­ing like this: “mmm­m­m­mm”. 

Keep­ing a site like Latini­tium going is expen­sive, truth be told, as every­thing costs: domain name, research, main­te­nance, equip­ment, plug-ins, time. 

But with the incred­i­ble help from you, we are still afloat and we are work­ing hard to make Latini­tium bet­ter and bet­ter and better.

So for all the help and sup­port we have got­ten, and for all the help and sup­port we will get in the future: Thank you! You are awesome!


What about those moose?

You might be won­der­ing about the “mas­cots” for each tier – the moose. 

They are a trib­ute to one of our first ever videos that we made here on Latini­tium – Six strange sto­ries told about moose. They are also there to remind us about where we come from: the north (which is full of moose), as well as not to take every­thing too seri­ous­ly but to let loose some­times and have fun. 

They have been illus­trat­ed by Amelie Rosen­gren and all wear dif­fer­ent attrib­ut­es suit­able for Romans of dif­fer­ent class and rang.